Team Tynell


Welcome Jerry Ahrlin!

Skrivet den 13 June, 2015 av Daniel

It’s a great honour and with happiness that we finally can inform you that it’s the “one and only” Mr Jerry Ahrlin, who take the place together with Rikard as a skier in future Team Tynell! Yesterday during a press meeting in Mora symbolic at the Vasaloppet finish line we presented the new member of the team.


On tour 2015

Skrivet den 23 January, 2015 av Rikard

Then we are back in Val di Fiemme again. On Sunday it’s time for the Marcialonga and the team is prepared to the maximum.


(Svenska) Första advent å allt!

Skrivet den 2 December, 2014 av Daniel

(Svenska) Jaha, redan december! …å pang tjong så är säsongen igång! Riktigt skoj att nu få börja “skörda” av den grund man nu byggt upp och av det jobb som gjorts i sommar och höst. Det var ju lite kontraster att komma hem efter vårt snöläger i Bruks, till rullskidor och löpskor igen! Dock har ju iallafall termometern visat någon minusgrad och dessutom har vi fått lite frost på backen.

cykel mallis

Hard days here on Mallorca!

Skrivet den 29 September, 2014 av Daniel

So, it’s the third year for us on this beautiful island together with the great guys in Team Centric. It’s all about training, eating and sleeping. …and for sure – a lot of tough training it is.

Renovering av kök

(Svenska) Ursäkta röran vi bygger om!

Skrivet den 18 September, 2014 av Rikard

(Svenska) Oj oj… nu var det ett tag sedan jag skrev något, men jag har ju faktiskt en anledning då den senaste perioden har handlat om träning, jobb och renovering.

baggbo sept

Quite much now..!

Skrivet den 17 September, 2014 av Daniel

But above all there’s a lot of good training in this fantastic weather we’re having at the moment. For sure it feels like time is flying with schoolstarts, acclimatization at Melvin’s childminder, gatherings with our service crew and partners, planning for the coming season with travels, races and team clothes, and of course some quality moments on the boat. …and they also say that recovery is good!

bild 1

Our new family member!

Skrivet den 19 August, 2014 av Daniel

Yesterday we got our new car! A black and cool VW Sharan will from now on support me to (and from) a lot of training sessions and competitions. During summer as winter, hot as cold! Jepp, it will be a tough challenge to take care of the Tynell Fyhr family, including dogs and a whole bunch of packing and stuff. But you know, I feel safe!


CykelVasan 2014

Skrivet den 18 August, 2014 av Daniel

A festival in the Vasa track! Once again Team Tynell was represented in this impressive event. With the whole families, wife , children, cousins and friends cycling the 30 km track on friday. All three brothers Tynell doing the 90 km and a bunch of kids in the childrens “CykelVasa”, both on saturday. In addition to that the rest of the family and relatives who were supporting during the whole weekend! The whole Team Tynell were gathered in other words…


A true friend!

Skrivet den 12 August, 2014 av Daniel

My lovely VW Passat has for sure been a true member of my family since more than two years! A great car if you ask me. Safe and balanced, wonderful comfort and really fun to drive. And of course good looking…


Back home again!

Skrivet den 25 July, 2014 av Daniel

On tuesday evening we landed on swedish ground again. Once again It’s been a fantastic week in the Alps. Third year for us with our summer camp in France. Main focus is to do many hours …with a lot more altitude metres than at home of course!