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(Svenska) Valborgsläger i Bruksvallarna

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Daniel Tynell’s fellowship– in the name of joy & performance

There are many boys and girls, fighting hard through every training and race! …with disappointments as well as with succes! Many are those achievements worth to be honoured and way to often the focus is on places in the result list!

Daniel Tynell’s fellowship is ment to be a help and support in the ahletes career and shall notice those many admirable perfomances on the basis of their backgrounds. It shall be given to those who with a genuine gladness to the sport are fighting hard for their self-improvements. The fellowship shall also honour those who sometimes has to go “the long way”, but never give up!

The fellowship is for xcountryskiing athletes in the age between 15 to 20 years and who is respresenting a ski club in the county of Dalarna.

Worthy recievers, great role models and joyspreaders!

Maja Dahlqvist, Domnarvets GoIF and Martin Johansson, Korsnäs IF SK

Julia Svan, Vansbro AIK Skiclub and Sara Wadman, IFK Mora Skiclub.

Anna Dyvik, Skiclub Leksand and Jonas Eriksson, Stora Tuna IK Skiclub

Stina Nilsson, Malungs IF and Gustav Eriksson, IK Jarl

Moa Larsson, Domnarvets GoIF and Emil Johansson, IK Jarl

Tynell Activity

This is a business owned by Tynell Activity AB and operated by Rikard Tynell.

Tynell Activity turns to you private and companys in the areas of fitness, sports and health. Tynell Activity works mainly for the cross-countryskiing and do you feel an interest to develop, discover and see new opportunities with this winter sports, do not hesitate to contact us!

We offer:

  • Waxingservice in Mora and Tällberg during Vasaloppet
  • Ski Courses, Fitness Testing and Training Program
  • Waxing Courses
  • Training Coaching

To read more about us, visit
To contact Tynell Activity, you can send email to

(NOTE: Team Tynell is not the same as Tynell Activity, and are two separate activities)

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