Team Tynell

cykel mallis

Hard days here on Mallorca!

Skrivet den 29 September, 2014 av Daniel

So, it’s the third year for us on this beautiful island together with the great guys in Team Centric. It’s all about training, eating and sleeping. …and for sure – a lot of tough training it is.

We arrived here last wednesday and started up the camp on thursday with a really hard up-hill race only double poling for one hour! During these days we do some extremely tough and good sessions that will be good to have in body and mind in the winter.

Mostly we do roller skis but we also did one really nice cycle trip under blu sky and sunshine including many altitude metres and sweat..!

So, after todays 110 km double poling session in accelerating pace and with some sprints it’s only one day left of this camp before we leave on wednesday. I guess it will be some resting days then…

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