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baggbo sept

Quite much now..!

Skrivet den 17 September, 2014 av Daniel

But above all there’s a lot of good training in this fantastic weather we’re having at the moment. For sure it feels like time is flying with schoolstarts, acclimatization at Melvin’s childminder, gatherings with our service crew and partners, planning for the coming season with travels, races and team clothes, and of course some quality moments on the boat. …and they also say that recovery is good!

So I have just finished a good period with low intensity training which of course means many fantastic moments under blue sky and warm sun, fresh air and beautiful nature. So far I think the times in my kayak on water surface bright as a mirror and in sunset is the best ones. Quality moments it is!

Well, now I put the focus on speed training for some days, so I give you this picture from todays hard interval training in the “Baggbo-uphill” in Bjursås. Also that some kind of quality moment…

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