Team Tynell


CykelVasan 2014

Skrivet den 18 August, 2014 av Daniel

A festival in the Vasa track! Once again Team Tynell was represented in this impressive event. With the whole families, wife , children, cousins and friends cycling the 30 km track on friday. All three brothers Tynell doing the 90 km and a bunch of kids in the childrens “CykelVasa”, both on saturday. In addition to that the rest of the family and relatives who were supporting during the whole weekend! The whole Team Tynell were gathered in other words…

The track was partly quite dirty and muddy after the rain during the night and morning, and we all had a good day still staying on the wheels. No accidents and flat tires. Feels like that is the most important!

Rikard had some good legs and finished in a time around 2h51minutes and Daniel on high 2h53min. A day of good mental training before the winters event in the same track. Let’s hope for more snow and less mudd then!

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